Red lipstick colour exists in various shades which accent various skin complexions in different tones. With no doubt red lips are crimson pout and eponymous with style and trendy fashion. This lip colour is sassy classic on any woman of any age.

Red lipstick is not for the famous women only.  It’s a timeless classic and suits everyone.  Red lips convey confidence and sophistication. 

The red lipstick colour should easily complement with your simple makeup.  Make your brows to appear bold, apply little mascara and eyeliner to perfect your red pout.  Should be shinny and make the skin undertones to sparkle and glow.  This not only make your eyes pop but also your teeth to appear white.

The red lip colour should always make a statement regardless of the formula.  Both gloss, matte and cream should more or less have same effect.

Dark or light skin tone women can pull off the perfect red pout by wearing a suitable red lip colour that complements the golden or brown undertones in the dark skin.  Red lips colour not only spells glamour but also oozes sexy appearance.

Red lipstick colour exist in various shades which accent various skin complexions in different tones. The difference in appearance comes from different application techniques. Knowing how to wear red lipstick for your dark skin complexion is one way of attaining the quintessential sexy appearance.

Light skin tones – Whether matte or creamy, bright reds look amazing on light-skinned women.  A deeper red also looks gorgeous, especially when paired with a strong smoky eye.

Medium skin tones – Those who have a medium complexion have a variety of red hues, anything from raspberry to cherry reds will suit you perfectly.

Dark skin tones – Women with darker skin tones look great in orangey reds because the colour pops against their beautiful dark skin. However, a rich red lip or a burgundy red looks just as stunning. 

You can blend lip liner and red lip colour in a meticulous way to end up with glam gold stunning look.  Your lips ought to be clean and well exfoliated before application of the red colour.  Apply a lip balm at night to the red lipstick application to make it get absorbed and moisturize your lips.

Apply a lip liner in similar shade to your lip colour.  Allow the lip liner to dry before application of the red lip colour to prevent the diluting effect.  To finalize the process, apply either a clear or red lip gloss for a shiny appearance.

The best red lipstick for dark skin women should complement the skin undertones in order to avoid looking washed out or awkward. It is multidimensional and can be applied on any skin tone. Wear this lip colour with the minimal makeup. 

There should be little eyeliner and mascara for the most excellent pout.

Wear red lipstick this April, as it’s the Sexual Assault Awareness Month.  This is an awareness about sexual violence and speak out against victim blaming. 

There are not too many set rules for wearing a red lip – what works for someone else might not work for you so don’t be afraid to experiment with different hues.  Red lips convey confidence and sophistication.

• Until next week.  Stay Fabulous.

May 2015
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