Nyusi invites Tanzanian investors

Dar es Salaam – Mozambican President Filipe Nyusi has told Tanzanian business people that over the last four year, Mozambique has attracted private investment estimated at US$23 billion and urged them to invest in his country.


He was speaking at the opening of the Mozambique-Tanzania Business Forum in Tanzania, during his official visit to Tanzania.

 Relations between the two countries have always been close, since it was in Tanzania that the Mozambique Liberation Front (Frelimo) was set up in 1962, and the Tanzanian government, under the country’s founding President, Julius Nyerere, allowed Frelimo to launch the independence war from rear bases in Tanzanian soil.

 Nyusi declared that Mozambique wants these political and historical relations to gain expression in the economic sphere, generating business empowerment and the well-being and progress of the two peoples.

He said that the two countries have great market potential, hence the need for continued efforts to promote their exports and attract investments, as part of the structural transformation of their economies.

 Nyusi added that innovation and creativity are “decisive factors in competitiveness and economic efficiency”.  He stressed that Mozambique wants to play a vanguard role in the industrialization of the SADC region, and is fully aligned with the industrialization strategy approved at the SADC extraordinary summit held in Harare in April.

 Nyusi pointed to the potential Mozambique has in areas such as agriculture, fisheries, tourism, industry, energy, transport and communications which are “windows of opportunity” for companies interested in investing.  The Mozambican economy was stable and growing at an annual rate of seven to eight per cent. The prospects for future development were promising, Nyusi stressed, inviting Tanzanian businesses to invest individually or in partnership with their Mozambican counterparts.

“The experience of the past has taught us that we need to advance together to achieve our collective desires and ensure economic emancipation”, he said. – AIM

May 2015
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