Stardust urges Namibian youths to believe in themselves

> Adolf Kaure

Windhoek – It seems that Muni Hoveka and Breanna Kandanga cannot stop being the talk of town. The music duo known as Stardust have urged Namibian youths to believe in themselves for them to achieve greatness.

Hoveka told The Southern Times recently that the recipe for success is found in believing oneself, while encouraging young musicians to maintain discipline and not to allow anybody to disregard their talents.

“Once you believe in yourself hard enough, you manifest what you desire for yourself. Discipline and hard work go hand in hand. Never let anyone disrespect your craft,” said Hoveka.

Earlier this year, the Stardust warmed the cockles of Namibian hearts after winning several awards at the Namibia Music Awards (NAMA) including the Best House, Best Reggae and Best Group/Duo.

Ever since then the pair has been the talk of town among music lovers, even more so after the release their latest single – Hero.

Hoveka says Hero is a dedication to all women. She emphasised that the song is a tribute to the celebration of feminism in the power, which the fairer sex has even though it is often overlooked.

“As you know, the word ‘hero’ is connoted with males and ‘heroine’ with females. However, in this song, we give women the power of superiority as the strength that we depict often goes unnoticed. We’re embracing feminism,” she said.

Stardust burst on the music scene with self-titled album which included the award-winning hits Lights and Calling on You. The young musicians who are currently studying at the University of Namibia are still holding their own with their latest single, proving that they are not one hit wonders.

Other than working on their next album –Stardust’s other half Breanna remained tight-lipped about the duo’s future prospects claiming that their fans can only expect greater things.

She however pointed out that their fans shouldn’t expect their hard work put in the studio to be poured out in producing one type of genre of music as they are more versatile than that.

“Other than the album, you guys will have to wait and see. Yes, production has started. We’ve been in and out of studio working alongside producers to create our new sound,” she said.

“We draw inspiration from different musical feels. Therefore we do not confine ourselves to a certain genre as this may restrict our creativity.”

The journey to stardom for the Stardust is still a fairy tale to many music fans but Muni explained how it all started.

“We both grew up in Swakopmund and met in primary school. Since the age of 13, we’ve been interested in singing as a duo. But we took our first step towards that goal at age 15 when we started our YouTube channel.

“Once we moved to the capital (Windhoek), we sought out for a record label and the rest is history.

“It’s been an eight year long journey. We’ve met so many people along the way who have contributed to our growth. Overall, it has been rewarding,” Muni narrated.

Breanna, who coined the name Stardust, added that their music is inspired by life.

“Stardust is a mystical goddess who fell down to Earth from the planet Venus. We are the Yin Yang in her.”

“Life in itself is inspiration enough. Our environment/surroundings, people we come across and exposure to different artistic mediums influence our craft. Also, being two individuals who have different perceptions of reality plays a big role when it comes to integrating inspiration into our art,” she said.

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