African stocks in red zone

Most African stocks on Tuesday 17 November played in the red zone. The shakers included Nigeria, Egypt, Mauritius, Botswana and Zimbabwe. The Nigerian bourse continued its bearish sentiment from the previous trading session, the All Share Index went down by 0,6 percent to end at 28 351,28 points.
The Egyptian Stock Exchange followed suit by ending the day in the negative zone both the indices and market capitalisation closed lower.
The equity market capitalisation shed off about EGP 1,38 billion (nearly US$230 million) to end at EGP 417,466 billion from EGP 419,269 billion recorded at the previous day trading session. The benchmark index EGX30 went down by 1,13 percent to end 6 407.33 points. The Mauritius equity markets followed the bearish pattern.

The equity market capitalisation ended at MUR 205,117 billion after trailing MUR 1,5 billion (about US$37,7 million) relatively to the previous market capitalisation of MUR 206,566.

The Mauritius All Share Index (SEMDEX index) slumped by 0.46 percent to end at 1,841.87 and SEM10 index plunged by 0,48 percent to end at 353,32 points.
The Botswana Stock Market (BSI DCI) also dropped by 0,02 percent to end at 10582,99 points from its previous trading day.

The story was the same for the Zimbabwe Sock Exchange industrial index which dropped by 0,53 percent to close at 124,6 points while the mining index remained the same at 22,33points.

However, gains were witnessed in Namibia, South Africa and Kenya.
The Namibia Stock Market increased by 0,14 percent to close at 944,65points.

While the South Africa Stock Market rose by 0,71 percent to close at 51911,96 points from 51547,38 points in the previous trading day.
The Kenyan NSE All Share index rose by 0,57 percent to close at 3,950.97 from its previous trading day.

There were no changes in Mozambique, Malawi and Zambia.

Esther Dzviti

December 2015
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