Make-up can be a burden in hot weathers

Sharon Kavhu
Following the forecasted ‘Heat weave’ coming from South Africa, I have noticed with great concern that women get out of their houses wearing make-up but end their day in a mess-up. The mess-up is characterised by accumulated layers of foundations, face powders mixed with sweat from the scotching weather while wet eye shadows would have moved from the eyelids.
Such an appearance diverts the whole purpose of wearing make-up as it can cause one to look older, ridiculous and disgusting.
Women choose to wear make-up for several reasons such as looking younger, covering dark marks and gaining confidence among others while many wear it to enhance their natural beauty.
However, wearing make-up should depend on the kind of weather to maintain the essence of enhancing women’s beauty. Summer time in Africa, especially in the Southern Africa region, has temperatures ranging from 38 to 41 degrees Celsius which can be unfavourable to any ordinary make-up. As such, women are discouraged from wearing a lot of cosmetics because they can easily turn ugly by end of day.
“In hot weathers, it is ideal for women to wear very light make-up using fairly light foundations and face powders.
“I understand that some women use make-up to cover dark marks and as such they have a tendency of putting layers of foundations and powders.
“However, they can only get away with their tendency in cold weathers and not in hot weathers,” said a local cosmetics consultant from Topics Wadzanai Sanyatwe.
“Unlike in cold weathers where there is no heat to melt down such make-up, during summer it is discouraged to wear a lot of cosmetics.
“Warm weather can cause your foundation to melt but one can avoid this by picking a lightweight mineral foundation that matches her skin tone.”
She said light make-up comes out best with the use of a powder brush instead of a puff.
Sanyatwe added: “Before applying a foundation, women should apply a moisturiser to complement the skin and make the face powder even. It is also important to use the brush in picking some face powder.
“When picking up the powder, one should tap off the excess in order to let go of a little bit and buff the foundation onto the face in a circular motion so that it appears light and beautiful.”
She said facial skin needs extra care to make it fair and smooth before applying foundation. This can be done using facial scrubs.
Facial foundations and powders have different shades and colours to suit different types of skins but, some women turn a blind eye to that notion. Every woman has a different skin type, tone and texture but the make-up products are differentiated into three main categories namely dark, medium and light.
Unfortunately, some women apply shades which contrasts with their skin complexion and this makes the appearance worse in hot weathers as the make-up end up appearing like Halloween masks.
“Dark skinned people are encouraged to use foundation types such as: Beautiful bronze on Black Opal; Bronze and Brown sugar on Fashion Fair; Amber and Spice on Clinique and; Mahogany and Cappuccino on Revlon,” said Tabeth Kurwakumire, a cosmetics consultant at Barbours Stores.
“Spice, Caramel and Bronze on Revlon products; Golden and Ginger on Clinique and; Nutmeg on Black Opel look well on middle light skinned people.
“The light skinned facial skins are more appealing wearing foundations Truely topaz, Kalahari sand and Heavily honey on Black Opal products; Toast and Toffee on Revlon products and; Cream, Caramel and Honey caramel on Clinique products.”
She discouraged women from applying foundation on their eyelids as a base because it causes make-up to crease. Kurwakumire added: “When applying powder, it is important to start applying on the areas that one is shiniest first before light dusting everywhere else especially in this hot weathers. It is also possible to just apply face powders without necessarily applying a foundation to allow aeration and breathing of the skin in the heat.”
She said it is optional to apply the powder lightly on the neck to even out the skin tone.

December 2015
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