China takes interest in poverty-stricken national


The Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in Windhoek yesterday expressed its appreciation that some kind-hearted people have been taking care of a destitute Chinese national, who has been living in deplorable conditions at Okahandja Park in a riverbed, where he subsisted on tree leaves and insects that he gathered for food.

Director of Political Affairs at the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China Xuguangu Tony Wang told New Era the embassy learned about the man’s circumstances from Tobias Hainyeko Constituency Councillor Christopher Likuwa. Wang said they were mobilising resources to assist their poverty-stricken compatriot.

When he was asked about the personal particulars about the man, Wang said the Chinese national’s identity is being verified.

New Era earlier this week reported on the Chinese man living in deplorable conditions at Okahandja Park, who was seen eating leaves and insects in a riverbed by residents.

Likuwa confirmed the case and said he visited the unidentified Chinese man after local residents brought the problem to his attention. The man said he had not eaten in days and Likuwa thus provided him with some nourishment.

“He lived in a small shack made out of boards hidden behind the shack where he was staying. He was left alone by the owners of the house without food and this pushed him to resort to eating leaves and insects,” Likuwa explained.

The matter was also reported to the City Police, who then handed the Chinese man to the Immigration Office in the Ministry of Home Affairs and Immigration.

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