CoW, Rundu sign cooperation agreement


The City of Windhoek (CoW) on Friday signed a cooperation agreement with Rundu Town Council (RTC).
The agreement will see the two councils working together in the field of water and wastewater management, staff development, promotion of tourism, local economic development, finance and administration, infrastructure development, land delivery and public transport.

The agreement was signed at Rundu this week by Windhoek Mayor Muesee Kazapua and Rundu Mayor Verna Sinimbo.

“I’m very delighted and honoured that this day has come for us to renew our friendship in terms of this cooperation agreement for the next five years. It has come at the right time as it is happening at the beginning of our terms of office, because the majority of the political leadership is new,” said Sinimbo.

“We want to ensure that by the end of this term a difference in how we do things in our local authority is achieved. I believe that sharing expertise and experiences can really address where we have shortfalls.

“I also believe that we are fortunate that the City of Windhoek wants to continue to be the resource institution to aid us,” Sinimbo added.

RTC and CoW first signed their first cooperation agreement in March 2008, but it expired in 2013.
“We decided to renew our cooperation agreement, because we believe it is a step in the right direction. I hope and trust that the identified areas of cooperation are relevant, in the sense that the RTC has really been facing challenges, such as water and solid waste management, land delivery and revenue collection, amongst others, for many years,” she noted.

“Rundu has something to offer to Windhoek. With us being the capital city it does not necessarily mean you cannot offer services to us. Yesterday, through the mayor of Rundu’s office, we undertook some visits around town and I was so impressed with the development that is happening at such a fast pace in this town,” said Kazapua.

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