New intake mooted for Loudima


The Ministry of Higher Education, Training and Innovation says it is considering another intake of  Namibian students at the Loudima institute for technical vocational education and training in Congo-Brazzaville, at the beginning of next year.

Elaborating on the possible decision, the ministry’s deputy permanent secretary Dr Raimo Naanda said there was never an arrangement to have two intakes annually at Loudima, neither would there be a second intake this year.
Naanda was responding to questions on whether there would be an intake this year and when such an intake would be done.

Nearly 80 Namibian students returned home in March this year after ending their studies at Loudima due to what they claimed were unbearable academic and living conditions at the institute.
Only about 11 students remained at Loudima.

Students earlier told New Era that the institute is not accredited and never had enough teachers. They had no uniforms and the library was empty. Students were taught in French, a language they had not mastered.  They were supposed to attend six months French classes but only attended up to four months.

Thereafter the ministry decided they have a three-months vacation end of March, which period was going to be used by the technical team to finalize all outstanding challenges at Loudima.

However, the majority of students who returned to Namibia maintained they would not go back to the institution even if the ministry sorts out the mess.

Nonetheless, Naanda added that they are not aware that many students would not be returning to the institute and they don’t want to speculate on that. “Students opting not to return to Loudima were advised that they should seek admission at local vocational training centres, and the ministry will explore possibilities to fund their studies at such institutions.”

Some students New Era spoke to yesterday said they were not returning.
One student told New Era that some students have already enrolled at vocational training centres in Namibia. Those who returned early March are busy improving their Grade 12 points – others got jobs while some are at home waiting to apply at local institutions. “But none of us want to go back to Loudima,” insisted one student.

Naanda further said that during the three-months vacation corrective measures were taken, training manuals were delivered at the centre, Wi-Fi was installed and a new library set up.

A medication unit was also set up and two minibuses and two electrical generators were allocated to the centre.
Naanda said two containers of lights and water pumps, and a truck, arrived in Congo and are due for clearance by the government of Congo.

“What remains to be completed is the water rectification system, which we expect will be installed and completed within two weeks after delivery of the container currently at Point Noire,” said Naanda.

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