Musicians only have till Sunday to submit songs


Musicians have only until this Sunday to submit their songs for selection for a video production of the winning song.
Optimistic Pictures is inviting musicians to send in their recordings to their office for a free music video production as an early Christmas thanks giving package. “We didn’t give them that much of the time because they know which songs they want us to shot a video of and we are ready to shot the video,” says director of Optimistic Pictures, Leo Tshikesho. Each Artist is required to send a song via email or WhatsApp from which the Optimistic Pictures video director’s committee boards will choose one song to shoot a video thereof. Tshikesho, also known as Mr. Blos, says the competition will mostly look at upcoming artist songs as they need more publicity. “Records should be good quality, creative, and originality will be considered,” he lays down the criteria.

The competition has been requested by upcoming artists as music videos are costly and proper planning is necessary in the production thereof.  Tshikesho adds that the winning song will also be included in films to be shot by

Optimistic Media. “After the success launch of the film ‘Uushimba’ I would like to involve musicians in film-making in regard to audio,” he adds.

The winner will be announced on various radio stations and video will be released by end of October. Musician can WhatsApp their songs to 0813425865 or email it to

Optimistic Pictures have shot and directed music video for musician such as Tramagita & Bravo, Jericho, Neslow, S-man, Laukey, J Black, Don Kamati, D-Jay, Dingalo, Shitana and Double Trouble.

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