The joys of linen fabric for men’s summer outfits

By Sharon Kavhu

Summer time seems to be more favourable to women than men because of many female designs, styles, materials and outfits.

For women any material or colour can be appropriate in summer. This is not the same for men. For example, men cannot be seen in floral pink designs or lace material outfits, while women can also wear dull, ethnic designs worn by men and get away with it.

But, how can men wear best summer outfit without giving a wrong impression about their sexuality?

Well, linen is the answer and one of the joys of summer for men.

Zimbabwean fashion designer Znzorzi Adby (Tinashe Phiri) said linen is light, breathable, and has a unique texture that makes it stand out in an ensemble.

According to Adby, any design from linen is ideal for summer menswear.

“The material has a unique texture which is visibly different from the more common cotton, and when washed it dries up quickly and doesn’t retain moisture.

“However, some men dislike it because it wrinkles too easily, but the lightly-wrinkled texture is part of the charm of linen, and higher-quality linens are woven tightly enough that the wrinkling is minimal,” he explained.

According to Adby, the material can be used to sew matched suits, odd jackets and trousers and dresses  for both formal and smart casual.

“Linen can also be mixed with other materials such as the Zambian Java, Dashiki for an African tradition modern look. The dashiki material can be placed on the button holes area and on the side pocket,”  Adby added.

The advantages of using linen on summer menswear, he said, is that it is very light and have space for aeration at the same time being the coolest option available.

However, the material is more expensive to manufacture compared to other fabrics. This is why linen outfits are more expensive compared to other light fabrics.

Since linen is less durable than cotton or wool, it requires careful maintenance.

September 2016
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