Picking ladies’ sunglasses for summer

By Sharon Kavhu

SUNGLASSES are an essential accessory for many ladies in that they work as both fashion statements and as shields against scorching sunrays.

But wearing sunglasses is not just about being trendy and stylish or just copying others who look great in a particular design. A lot goes into choosing an appropriate pair of sunglasses. Things to consider include the shape of one’s head and skin tone. Otherwise, lack of conscientiousness in choosing the appropriate design may ultimately lead to a fashion disaster.

Fashion experts believe that ladies need to choose sunglasses with designs that are congruent with their facial features.

“For an elegant look, usually, the shape of the frames on your sunglasses should be the opposite of your facial features. For instance, if you have more angular features on your face you need to consider sunglasses with a more curved shape,” says Faith Joana Kumbula, a Zimbabwean fashion advisor based in Dubai.

“The same applies if your face is round-shaped, you need to prioritise the angular framed sunglasses.

“I’ve noticed that many ladies love wearing big sunglasses that cover a wider surface of their faces and it is not a bad idea. Actually, it has the effect of enhancing the stylish nature of an individual.

“However, it is also important to use the contrasting rule again. Let’s say for an example, one has a wider face and chubby round cheeks, she has to consider funky sunglasses that have sharp edges or diamond, triangular-shaped designs.”

She says contrasting colours on sunglasses have an effect of standing out.

Wearing sunglasses that have a contradicting colour to one’s complexion is usually for people who are so particular about labels and fashion addicts because they are easily noticed.

Kumbula says picking a colour that blends with one’s skin tone is ideal because no one really notices that you are wearing the same type of sunglasses with a different outfit.

South African fashion addict, Fortunate Toiba, says ladies with heart-shaped faces should go for sunglasses that are rimless.

“The heart-shaped faces normally have a wider forehead and a pointy chin and aviators or rimless sunglasses are the way to go. This is mainly because rimless styles and aviators have a way of depriving the face from looking too top-heavy as they flare out at the bottom,” says Toiba.

With a rectangular face shape or where you have a square jaw like mine, wearing round-shaped sunglasses are ideal because they have the effect of softening the sharp edges.

Toiba says she sometimes went for the oval-shaped sunglasses because they have an effect of lengthening her face. She says she occasionally picks the wider ones with sharp edges at the bottom or designs with thick arms characterised with heavy details.

Ladies with faces that have a wider bottom and a narrow forehead need to buy sunglasses with a rectangular shape to make their eyes look further apart, Toiba advises.

“Some people have a diamond-shaped face whereby their cheekbone is wider than their forehead and chin. Having such features on your face, it means you have to consider top-heavy frames on your sunglasses or maybe butterfly-shaped, which wings up at the top and slightly out at the bottom. If you are a stylish and trendy type of a person you can go for the fashionable designs that have a darker shade on top compared to the bottom,” says Toiba.

November 2016
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