Dube speaks on his failures in fatherhood

By Sharon Kavhu

WINDHOEK-SOUTH African gospel musician, Reverend Benjamin Dube say his divorce was a result of failure to set priorities right in fatherhood.

Dube shared his fatherhood experiences during The Southern Times Fatherhood matters breakfast meeting at Avani Windhoek Hotel and Casino, last week.

The worshiper said the greatest mistake he made in his fatherhood was to take the church and make it God at the expense of his family.

“I was so zealous about the ministry and I was so zealous about the work of God. I acted as if the church was God thus I left my family behind and yet God himself says ministry begins at home,” said Bishop Dube, in his presentation on how to promote involved, responsible and committed fatherhood.

“For one to handle fatherhood effectively, priorities must be set right. It is God first then family and it must be ministry or church third.

“You cannot run with the ministry and forget your responsibilities at home.  You have to start at home to be a leader.  In II Timothy, the Word of God says those that desire to be leaders they need to get their stories right at home first.

“It was unfortunate that I learnt that late, which is why I [through] went what I went through that led to my divorce.”

He said sometimes you must give away some opportunities for your family’s sake.

Bishop Dube added: “When your priorities are right, you will have people assisting you from church and you will also have a wife at home who stands with you.” The South African reverend is a music ministerial visionary, anointed songwriter and singer, music producer, mentor and pastor to many musicians and an inspiration to secular artists in South Africa.

He is the owner of Dube Connection; a music label licensing to SonyBMG and Spirit Music.

December 2016
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