FNB increases online banking security

Windhoek – In an age of technology, online security has always been a concern for people making use of online banking. As such, FNB Namibia has increased security technology to make sure that clients and their transactions are safe and secure.

Security in the online banking space has two points where enhanced security is needed, that is at the hosted online site and then at the end point where access is initiated from. The online site is the responsibility of the bank, and the end point is usually the responsibility of the client to secure.

“FNB has for many years offered products free of charge to clients to install on their computers as a proactive offering to ensure their computers are secure when transacting on the FNB Namibia online banking platform – these include, Web Root and currently Trend Micro”, said Garth Kleintjies, Chief Information Officer at FNB Namibia.

Kleintjies added that “FNB online banking security is very good, particularly in comparison to the local market and internationally. We have maintained A+ Rating for web security for almost two years.”

In order for the client to secure his or her web-based computer, we now offer the new “Trend Micro Titanium Maximum Security” product free of charge, and have discontinued the Web Root. Coupled together the client-side security offering of Trend Micro and our web security offer a fairly secure solution to our clients and this is indicative of how aware we are in proactively investing in protection and security on our platforms and extending security products to our client base.

Trend Micro allows clients to protect up to three devices, such as laptops, desktop computers, and mobile phones – and works on all platforms like Apple, Android, Windows, etc. It even has a function that scans privacy settings across all social media accounts to identify any theft risks

“We run a security scan from a third party service provider that does web security scanning and can assure our clients that FNB is at the forefront of secure online banking sites – with our security rating at the highest possible level,” Kleintjies said.

FNB Namibia is also pleased to inform its clients that skimming, cloning and counterfeited card fraud incidents have drastically decreased since the inception of its Pin and Chip cards.

“Namibians are advised to always remain vigilant regarding their money matters – hard-earned incomes require careful management,” said Ingrid Veueza Kahona-Katjiukua, forensics manager at FNB Namibia Ltd.

January 2017
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