Shona Ferguson’s racism accusations stun SA showbiz

By Sharon Kavhu

HARARE-SOUTH African prominent producer and actor, Shona Ferguson, recently caused a stir on social media when he insinuated that there was rampant racism in the television production industry in his country.

In a twit posted last week, Ferguson who gained popularity from his role as ‘Dr Leabua’ in the Venda soap ‘Muvhango’ from 2006 to 2007 ranted how he had struggled in his journey to success in TV production.

“Don’t focus on the flash and think it’s been an easy ride. In fact, it gets harder every day. Being a BLACK PRODUCER is not easy,” said Shona.

Shona and wife, Connie Ferguson, run their own production company called Ferguson.

“You are disrespected and ill-treated for doing good, creating jobs and giving people opportunities to do what they love and earn a living.

“White producers are never disrespected by black folks. It’s sad that it’s our brothers and sisters who wish you ill because you are doing well.

“You work hard to contribute to the industry and grow it but it’s the very people that you give these opportunities to that spit in your face,” Ferguson’s Twitter message read.

As if he was referring to specific individuals, the South African actor and producer cautioned social media audience to trade carefully in the filming industry for a successful story.

“This is a very small industry. Be careful how you treat people and how you behave.

“When you are out of work tomorrow just know it’s all on you,” said Ferguson.

“Fact is I love it and by the grace of GOD we will always find the strength to continue.

“I just want to make great TV and films. I have no time for unnecessary crap. I’m going to leave it here.”

He said black producers should be given the same treatment as that accorded to white producers.

In his view, equal priorities despite racial differences have a major contribution to the SA entertainment industry.

The actor made his maiden appearance on ‘Muvhango’, which he left in March 2007 for a better offer. 

The South African talent later starred as Itumeleng Tladi, the charismatic and powerful protector of his community and heir-apparent to the chieftaincy in the M-Net soap opera ‘The Wild’ between 2011 and 2013.

Together with his wife, Ferguson is responsible for hit shows, including ‘The Queen’, ‘Rockville’ and ‘Igazi’.

Shona has been married to ‘Generations’ star, Connie Ferguson, since 2001.

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