When nails are key on your wedding

By Sharon Kavhu

BEING A bride means one will be the centre of attention from head to toe. Inevitably, the guests’ attention will be on the bride’s shoes, including the type or set-up of hair and every little strand of accessory.

It is for this reason that hours on end are spent with the bride to try and make the day not just memorable but having the bride look extremely gorgeous.

While many brides usually focus on their facials it is also significant that attention must also be paid to fingers where the ring is going to be placed.

Wedding experts say the bride’s hands need to be accessorised with appropriate nail manicure as they are the focus of attention when it comes to the exchanging of vows that include the wearing of a ring that symbolises love and faithfulness of one’s spouse.

And the best way of wearing ultimate bridal manicure is underlined by the choice of colours, type of nails and nail designs.

Ultimate bridal manicure means the best or most extreme example of a cosmetic treatment of the hands involving shaping and painting of the nail on your wedding.

“There are different types of nails that one can wear for bridal [manicure], these may include pales, natural nails, French tips nails and claws, which are presently on demand,” said Nancy Dzambo, a Zimbabwean manicurist from Lavender’s Beauty Salon.

“All these types of nails can look ultimate depending on the designs or type of art put on them. However, best designs for such nails are created using studs and strips, which blend well with the jewellery worn by the bride.”

She said it is ideal to use white, silver and gold designs because most wedding dresses come in snowy white, off white, ivory and pale pink.

Nancy added: “It is important for a bride to wear nails that do not conflict with her jewellery colour.  Normally, if a bride is wearing gold jewellery, then the nails should also have designs with gold and white.  Similarly, if the jewellery is in silver or pearls, the manicure should also complement.”

She said it was important to wear nails that suit your fingers. Ladies who have thick fingers are encouraged to wear French tip nails to suit their suit their nail beds.

In a separate interview, Beverly Domboka (22) a manicurist based at Joina City said thick fingers are characterised by nail beds that have a large surface thus they cannot wear claws.

“French tips can cover any size of a nail bed and can be shaped in any shape to complement the figure thus it is most preferable for thick fingers.  They can be shaped in a round, square, round-square shape and still look nice for a wedding,” said Domboka.

She said brides with thin fingers can wear any type of nails depending with the person’s choice.

However, claw-nails look more ultimate compared to others most probably because they look modern compared to the traditional pals and French tip nails.

February 2017
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