Angola stripped of CUCSA games hosting rights

By Bakang Mhaladi

GABORONE – Angola has been stripped of rights to host the 2018 Confederation of Universities and College of Southern Africa (CUCSA) games after the diamond-rich nation failed to show commitment towards organising the games.

The CUCSA annual general meeting held at the weekend in Gaborone decided to revoke the hosting rights citing lack of progress.

Angola was not present at the meeting, which saw seven out of 10 CUCSA members attend.

Botswana, Lesotho, Zambia, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Namibia and Swaziland attended while Angola, Malawi and Mozambique were absent.

Botswana Tertiary Student Sports Association (BOTESSA) president, Moffat Ramasotla, told the Saturday meeting that Angola had not communicated whether they would host the 2018 competition.

BOTESSA is a CUCSA affiliate.

“The problem we have in CUCSA is that Angola is not communicating. Members are not happy with the silence,” Ramasotla said.

He said CUCSA has been communicating with one person in Angola, casting doubts if ever there was an organising committee for the games in the first place.

This week, BOTESSA public relations officer, Duncan Segabo, confirmed that the Gaborone meeting resolved to revoke Angola’s rights to host the competition.

Segabo said Angola failed to attend the weekend CUCSA assembly held in Gaborone without an explanation.

He said Angola also failed to submit a report on progress regarding the preparations to host the games.

Angola was awarded the right to host the biennial competition four years ago but did not bother to update fellow members on progress.

“The CUCSA executive committee is (now) expected to write (to member) countries requesting them to host the 2018 games. At the moment, countries have not shown interest. We (Botswana) are interested but we still have to discuss that with the Botswana National Sport Commission  (BNSC),” he said.

Botswana was scheduled to host the 2020 games but might be forced to fast-track their involvement after the latest development.

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