Mampi sensitive to cyber bullies

By Sharon Kavhu

HARARE – Renowned Zambian R & B musician, Mirriam ‘Mampi’ Mukape, has warned celebrities against bullying each other on social media saying it shows high levels of selfishness, low self-esteem and undiluted jealous.

The former Big Brother star, in her social media post, expressed reservations towards public figures that bully each other.

“Personally, I have learnt that if you are a public figure kindly avoid throwing stones at another public figure, especially on public platforms such as social media. You may not agree with something they did or said but how safe are you?

“Please do not contribute to exposing your friends’ weaknesses on social media, remember that person is human like you and by doing that you are allowing your fans to disrespect and attack that person which is a sign of selfishness, low self-esteem and undiluted jealous,” said Mampi.

The ‘Walilowelela’ hit-maker preached agape love and affronted social media insults saying they are mere acts of egocentric people.

She added; “As human beings we should learn to love one another.  Personally, I may not get along with someone but when they are attacked I put myself in their shoes and feel bad about it. Social media should not make you feel too special or more superior than others because most of the love you get on the platform is ‘fake love’.

“I don’t hate cyber bullies but I feel pity for them because it tells you a lot about how they feel about themselves inside.”

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