Sports bodies in Bots told to recruit accountants

> Bakang Mhaladi

GABORONE – The Botswana National Sport Commission (BNSC), in charge of sport bodies in the country, has urged its affiliates to elect only members with a finance or accounts background to the position of treasurer.

The majority of the national associations sometimes elect its members who do not have any qualification in handling finance.

Sensing this was the root cause of financial mismanagement, the BNSC came up with a directive in January, demanding only qualified finance people should hold the position of treasurer.

In addition, the member must be accredited with the country’s regulatory authority, the Botswana Institute of Accounts (BICA).

While the national associations have been caught unawares, BNSC Chief Executive Officer, Falcon Sedimo, reckons it is not too much to ask.

“We are not asking for too much. Those who are going for elections should make sure that the person who is elected as treasurer has a financial background and is registered with BICA. National associations must find the right people because finance is a sensitive issue,” he said.

He said the move is meant to improve financial management within associations.

“This is meant to improve governance and financial management within the BNSC National Sport Associations,” Sedimo added.

He said there is need to assign responsible individuals to handle finances and assist auditors during audits.

Sedimo felt some of the administrators are failing due to lack of comprehension of financial matters.

The BNSC annual budget is above P50 million (R63m) with the nearly 40 affiliates sharing above P1 million (R1.26m) each.

However, there have been widespread reports of gross financial mismanagement, with the country’s number one sport, football, P10 million (R12.6m) in the red, despite having qualified finance personnel.

The karate association is due to hold its elective meeting early April and Sedimo said it is a must that a person with the right qualifications is put in office as treasurer. However, the karate body had already put out its nominations and says it will proceed despite the BNSC directive.

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