Roberto sheds off the one hit wonder tag

By Jonathan Mbiriyamveka

HARARE – The year was 2014 when Zambia’s Roberto had just released his breakaway hit “Amarulah”.

So addictive was the song that DJs would spin it over and over again without clubgoers complaining.

The song was heard everywhere!

It rocked in the commuter omnibuses, shops, pubs, parties and still people couldn’t get enough of it.

Even today, the song still sounds great and no matter how old one is it resonates and sets the mood right.

It did not take long for one Zimbabwean promoter to invite Roberto to Harare.

The show was a success despite the fact that Roberto was still a newbie with only one hit song to his name.

And when the suave singer took to the stage, there was thunderous applause from the crowd.

He of course didn’t need much introduction for everyone was waiting for “Amarulah”.

On the song, Roberto likens a woman to ‘Amarulah’ the beverage and the lyrics are easy to follow just like in most hit songs.

However, his critics said the song promotes nothing but the liquor brand, whether that is true or not it does not matter.

The roof literally came down

when he churned the song and again people asked for an encore and the song was played more than twice at the show.

Nobody remembered the other songs Roberto played on that particular show and yet hey still heard “Amarulah” ringing at the back of their minds.

Today Roberto has become one Zambia’s international sensations with quite a number of hits to his credits.

Currently, Roberto is climbing high on most satellite music channels such as Trace Africa, Channel O and MTVBase with his number simply titled “I’m Into You”.

It appears he is no longer a one hit wonder or a flash in the pan but here to say.

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