Courier in Brief

NamPost Courier is part of Namibia Post Limited.

In addition to courier services, the company provides postal services, savings bank facilities and philatelic services. Namibia Post is governed by the Post and Telecommunications Act of 1992 and is fully owned by Namibia Post and Telecom Holdings (Pty) Ltd.

NamPost Courier has a dedicated staff compliment of 160 employees in its main hubs. In addition, Courier benefits from support offered by over 700 Post Office staff across the country. NamPost makes substantial efforts and investments in the fields of training and development of its workforce.

Fleet management and maintenance is regarded as a top priority at NamPost Courier as the availability of well-maintained vehicles is the driving force behind courier services. NamPost Courier, therefore, invests in replacing its fleet with new vehicles within a three year cycle. Our most recent fleet replacement of all our vehicles is currently underway in 2014. All vehicles are under constant surveillance, monitored by a 24 hour control room that monitors vehicle speed, driving routes, number of stops etc.

We cover 60 overnight destinations whilst servicing 135 Post Offices across Namibia traveling more then 4 000 000 km’s per year. Besides the domestic courier service, we provide an international courier service that delivers parcels across the globe at competitive rates.

As a corporate citizen on the Namibian business front, NamPost Courier has the added responsibility of developing and empowering the communities it serves. Amongst some of our biggest community support projects is the free distribution of apples across Namibia for the annual Cancer Association apple project, an initiative aimed at raising funds for and create awareness for the Cancer Association of Namibia.

NamPost courier is the largest domestic courier company covering over 60 overnight destinations in Namibia. Our fleet of more than 70 vehicles enables us to service 140 Post Offices across the country. We move about 2 million parcels while covering four million kilometers annually in Namibia.

Our partnerships with various courier service providers, both regionally and internationally, allows us to constantly benchmark against the best in the industry. As a result, we introduced our international courier collection and delivery service in 2009, which has now become one of the most competitive international courier services in the country. We cover over 200 international destinations globally.

Our products include:

1. Door to door overnight parcel collection and delivery.

2. Door to counter overnight parcel collection and delivery.

3. Same-day parcel collection and delivery in selected destinations.

4. Furniture transportation.

5. International door to door courier service.

6. Easy Pack prepaid product for overnight domestic deliveries (ideal for documents and small items under 2kg’s).

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