Joyous Celebration shines at Zim’ Hallelujah night

By Sharon Kavhu

HARARE – South African, multi-award winning and gigantic choir, Joyous Celebration (JC) lived up to expectation in Zimbabwe during the ‘Hallelujah Night’ over the weekend.

Coming to Zimbabwe as a choir for the first time, the South African musical outfit charged the atmosphere with intimate praise and worship songs that left the audience craving for more.

Dressed in mauve and lialic outfits, the choir performed songs from their volume 20, 19, 18 and 21 albums for more than three hours at Heartfelt International Ministries (HIM)’s International Over Flow Centre, Ashdown Park.

During the show which was part of HIM’s ‘21 Days of the Holy Ghost Season’, JC opened its act with Shona gospel songs fluently that no one could differentiate that they were foreign in Zimbabwe.

The choir was supported by local gospel choirs such as HIM choir, Spirit of praise, Zimpraise, UAC choir and Marble Madondo, the ‘Hallelujah night’ was a night to remember for praise and worshippers from Southern African region.

During the event, the brain child of the show, Apostle Tavonga Vutabwashe said the show was meant to dissolve battles through praise and worship in his opening remarks.

“When God spoke, he said I need the 21 days of the Holy Ghosts and he made them possible.

“We never had any plans for the ‘Hallelujah night’ but, God made a plan for the event; and always his plans are successful,” said Apostle Vutabwashe.

“Today we stand to witness what God can do. Many thanks to those who prayed for us and we are much more thankful to those who partnered with us.

“You know, there are certain battles that can be won by praise or a worship song; and tonight during our ‘Hallelujah night’, battles will be won to our favour.”

He said JC accepted HIM’s invitation for ‘Hallelujah show’ miraculously.

“The way Joyous Celebration accepted our invitation is evident of what the Holy Ghost can do.  There are people who worked tirelessly behind the scene to make sure the event is possible, some of them you may never know them but, they worked hard to make the event a success.   

“However, today we are swimming in the joy which was created by others and the good part about all this is that joy is contagious.  No one will get out of this room feeling down. I declare this night officially opened, the first ‘Hallelujah night’ in Zimbabwe.  Pastor C and I would like to welcome you.”

May 2017
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