Moving towards e-learning

By Staff Writer

Rich Field College have made strides in driving paperless learning in Namibia through introduction of E- based learning.

Speaking to the Southern Times Smart study from his base in South Africa, Richfield, Chief Strategist, Yuven Naidoo said the Namibian market has responded positively to paperless learning where pupils can access learning material via an E- Learning portal.

“We have made significant strides in Namibia and we are impressed with the way the market has responded. We are very much popular in South Africa but I believe in Namibia we are fast becoming a preferred mode of learning. Our prices are very reasonable if you compare to any of the tertiary institutions in your country where roughly someone would need close to N$30 000 including tuition and learning material per semester,” Naidoo said.

“He also added that, “I believe we have also made education more accessible easily to learners and our model cuts across the social divide as we can reach any pupil despite of their background.

I think the belief that others struggle to access opportunities because they are born or live in marginalised will soon be a thing of the past,” he said.

He also reiterated that tech based learning has a much bigger advantage as compared to conventional learning as all their students are able to access tutorials that they would have missed in class on a E learning portal. This he says ensures that no one of the pupils fall behind in their chase for better passes.

Although still making strides towards accessibility country wide in Namibia Richfield is operating in Namibia and has set sites on growing their visibility in the country.

“We believe we are wide spread in enough and sooner than later will be more and more accessible to many learners in Namibia who have an interest in our mode of learning.

May 2017
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