Riky Rick’s emotional Father’s day message

By Sharon Kavhu

HARARE – South African rapper Riky Rick posted a touching message on Father’s Day as he recounted how he faced hard times growing up without a father and the joy of him being a father to his unplanned son.   

The ‘Sidlukotini’ hit maker, whose real name is Rikhado Makhado,  said growing up without a father was one of the nightmares he struggled to overcome.

“The hardest thing I have been dealing with for almost half my life is not having a father when I needed him the most,” posted Rick on his Instagram.

“My father passed on when I was a teenager and that grief is something I still hadn’t dealt with as an adult. People who were around me while I was trying to numb the pain will remember how destructive my life was,” read part of the post.

He said his journey was only eased by the fact that he never lost hope in believing in God.

“No matter how far I tried to run, tragedy would follow me. I couldn’t escape my demons. I had lost hope. But I never lost hope in God. Even though I was living in the darkness he managed to love me enough to bring light into my life,” he added.

“My son Maik, like so many others, was unplanned but, he was the perfect miracle to show me that God’s plan is way better than my plan.”

He said his fatherhood experience gave him the reason to keep fighting all battles that life can give.

“Becoming a father changed my life. Gave me a reason to keep fighting.

“I know I cannot correct the past but, having my child by my side on this journey lets me know that there is always room for better days when you believe in God.

“It is only by his grace that we are still here. By no means am I a perfect person, sometimes my demons have a way trying to come back into my life but, all I have to do is look at my son for proof that God is still with me.

“Happy Fathers’ day to all the young dads out there. Your miracles came early. Take care of those kids with your life. BE STRONG. ENJOY THE JOURNEY. STAY SHINING.”

It is believed Riky Rick once suffered from alcoholism and drug addiction for a long period of  time.

His first born son, Maik Daniel Makhado appears on the Family Values album cover.

June 2017
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