Kudana Zim’s Kazz song unifies Zambia, Malawi artistes

By Sharon Kavhu

HARARE – Zimbabwean musician based in the United Kingdom (UK) Kazz, born as Farhaan Khan of the ‘Amhina kadeya’ fame has unified artistes from Zambia and Malawi on the remix of his song, ‘Kudana’.

Kazz who was born in Masvingo Zimbabwe and popularly known as Mr Boomslang featured Zambian artiste Tbwoy, UK-based Bucci and Hazel Mak who is originally from Malawi to create a unique mixture of African and American urban feel.

The song, ‘Kudana’, is about a guy who is trying to reach out to a girl and trying to know her better but the girl is playing hard to get. The title is Shona which means ‘Calling’.

Kazz who is part of the duo, Bkay and Kazz was quoted in a Zimbabwean newspaper (Daily News) saying that they decided to do a remix targeting the SADC region after being encouraged by the song’s success in several countries.

“Kudana has got a lot of attention since the release of the first version, quite a few artistes got in touch with me to do a remix.  The project has blossomed beyond the original intention,” he said.

“Naturally, I was delighted that other artistes wanted to jump on.  I asked the artistes to send through their verses and then I decided it was definitely worth doing two version, one UK remix and one African one.”

Kudana was released early this year with Shona and English, and the African version has a flavour of Nyasaland mix and Chewa lyrics.

Kazz said the track, ‘Kudana’ has opened greener platforms in the music industry as it saw him sharing the stage with top stars such as Neyo, Omarion, Sisquo, Wayne Wonder among others.

The UK based musician is also doing separate projects with Zimbabwean Diva, Chengeto Brown, Bailey Brown and Nutty O.

June 2017
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