Namibians called to explore the country’s diverse heritage

By Anastasia Paulus

WINDHOEK – Namibians are called to get off their laurels to go out to discover and partake in the celebration of the country’s diverse cultural heritage.

The call came as preparations for Namibian Heritage Week 2017 are gathering momentum. This year’s national event is scheduled for 18 to 24 September, to be held under a slogan ‘We’re in it together’.

“Namibian Heritage Week is an opportunity for all Namibians to participate in a celebration of our natural and cultural heritage. We believe that encouraging Namibians to appreciate and visit our heritage attractions can play an important role in nation-building and building our unity in diversity,” said Ndapewoshali Ashipala, co-chairperson of the Namibian Heritage Week organisingTeam.

This year’s slogan emphasises that “we all have a responsibility to safeguard our culture and our heritage”. Ashipala said the team would like to encourage individuals, institutions, or any group to organise participatory activities and events that could take place during the week.

“Activities can include organising young people to pick up litter at a site of natural or cultural importance, encouraging staff members to wear clothing that reflect their cultural identity during the week, offering reduced entrance fees for Namibians to heritage sites during the week, putting ‘Namibian specials’ on the menu at restaurants or organising an exhibition, a talk, a film screening or a walking tour. The only limit to the possibilities is our imagination,” Ashipala said.

The heritage team consist of a range of organisations that are organising events. These include the Museum Association of Namibia, Franco-Namibian Cultural Centre, National Arts Gallery of Namibia, National Archives of Namibia, City of Windhoek, National Theatre of Namibia and many others.

Those who would like to participate by way of hosting an event during heritage week and have the heritage week team promote such event are urged to contact the organisers including Ms Ashipala at or 061-302230 by 31 July 2017.

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