Meat festival for a good course in Windhoek

Anastasia Paulus

WINDHOEK – A unique festival that combines food, music, friends and family as well as unlimited fun for friends and families is being organised to raise funds for the building of new church building for St Boniface Parish in Windhoek.

The Ae-//Gams Meat Festival is scheduled for 15 July at the Western Suburbs Sports Club in Khomasdal.

Event organisers, including the Chairperson of the National Council, Magreth Mensah-Williams are appealing to the public to attend the festival, which is being held for a good course.

There will be live performances (including live band) and stalls to sell assorted items, among other things, confectionaries and handicraft as well as unlimited supply of meat including game, beef, lamb and goat and biltong.

The planned new church building, on the same site as the old one, seek to accommodate the ever growing church members (800+) who over the years struggle with lack of space.

The old building of the St Boniface, a Catholic Church, holds an immense sentimental and historic value not for its members but the Namibian nation.

It is the only remaining structure in the area formerly known as the “Old Location” that was reserved for black residents in Windhoek during the apartheid administration.

It is also the setting of one of the events that became a rallying cry for Namibians in their resistance against the apartheid colonial regime and the formation of the former liberation movement – SWAPO (now ruling party)                  that waged the war of independence.

On 10 December 1959, 11 people were gunned down by the colonial police after they demonstrated against forced removal from old location to a new township Katutura.

After independence, the day was declared a public holiday.

Also the affluent suburbs of Pioneers Park and Hochland Park are built on the former site of the “Old Location.”

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