MiCasa’s new album: A reflection of the brand’s real life story

By Sharon Kavhu

SOUTH African musical outfit, MiCasa which almost dissolved following a misunderstanding due to poor communication that made the members mute on each other for over three months is working on an album inspired by the incident.

The album dubbed ‘Familia’ which means family is set for release in August.

It carries messages on the essence of family, forgiveness, reconciliation and peace. The themes anchor on the hardships, fights and reunion that the band members have gone through in the first quarter of the year.

Information from TshisaLIVE shows that MiCasa which consists of J’ Something, Dr Duda and Mo-T had no plans of doing this album if it was not because of the misunderstanding.

Mo-T told TshisaLIVE that the group came together as brothers and realised that they were letting themselves down as well as their fans.

“Recording this album has been very emotional it has taken us back to our very first album. Where we started as just the three of us, there are no features on the album, so it’s a very happy album, it’s an album full of forgiveness,” he said to TshisaLIVE last week.

He said the album allowed them to rediscover each other and provided a ‘brand new start’ for the band.

J Something said the music on the album is happy because they are happy.

“It’s like when you get married, you go on honeymoon, you know you need to go on honeymoon to celebrate that you’re a newlywed. I think that this album is like a honeymoon, it’s the celebration of the moments, the marriage or the remarriage whatever you want to call it,” J Something said.

Dr Duda was said the making of the album was an emotional journey for all the group members adding that it has strengthened the bond within the group.

“It made us become brothers in a sense that we know each other in and out now. That bond made us into a family. I spend more time with Mo-T and J than my actual family when we’re on the road or recording. This album simply means that everyone who supported us in our journey is also now family,” he added

The making of the music from MiCasa’s album, ‘Family’ is inspired by Brazilians sounds, traditional Portuguese instruments and old South African house classics.

Mzanzi Celebrities and the media had a chance to have a feel of ‘Nana’ one of the singles from the album Wednesday last week.

Nana is a song about forgiveness.

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