Academia mourns Angorondeuzu

By Southern Times Writer

Pupils at Academia Secondary school were last week gripped in grief following the death of their fellow learner Tjiunatjo Kangorondeuzu.

Speaker after speaker at the memorial service held at the school were struggling to keep tears inside, Kangorondeuzu died in the two weeks after being involved in a head on collision along the western bypass while in a taxi on his way home. The accident also injured other pupils who were in the taxi while another pupil name withheld is battling for his life in hospital.

Speaking to the Southern Times Smart Study at the school the Principal Hermann Rust expressed concern over the behaviour of taxi drivers who ferry most pupils to and from school.

“I always tell the children not to board taxis that are overloaded or do not have seat belts. I always tell them to wait if they see the taxi is full.

It is very disheartening to lose a pupil and it is a difficult situation for the school,” he said.

He also added that the school has also gone out of their way to make sure all the learners in grief are given enough counselling to deal with the difficult situation that has gripped the school.

He added that while they have life skills teachers for the counselling some pupils who needed further counselling were catered for in a manner befitting the situation.

“As a parent I also feel that that the City police should be hard on the taxi drivers and have a serious campaign against reckless driving in the roads as this risks children. It is not only the children but all the other drivers are also put at serious risk by some of the reckless drivers.

We see how some of these guys drive along the western bypass and it’s not pleasant to watch so they need to be policed,” he said.

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