Okahandja secondary thriving on past successes

By Southern Times Writer

Situated on the peripheries of the garden town of Okahandja, Okahandja Secondary School thrives with a rich history of producing athletes and intellectuals.

The school has produced some of the household names in the sporting fraternity and also a few others who have made it into the academic and professional world.

To date authorities at the school believe their history of success with some of the big names that came from the school is good enough to motivate current learners in grade 10 and 12 to aim for higher achievements in when they seat for their exams.

Although most of the pupils who have attended this school have a disadvantaged background and are sometimes transferred from the surrounding farms the school Head of Department believes there is more the school can offer in terms of academic excellence if well supported.

“As a school that normally receives many transferred pupils we suffer a lot on improving our pass rates especially in key subjects like mathematics, science and English.

Nevertheless we have produced some very influencal people in this country.

Just to mention a few it is inspiring to note that even the former brave warrior’s captain and current Mayor of Okahandja Johannes “Congo” Hindjou was once a student at this school.

“We have also produced the likes of Lolo Goraseb who later made it in sport and we have a couple of accountants and lawyers who passed through this school,” he said, adding that, “We want these to be the inspirational stories for most of our pupils who are currently here so that they have the belief that they can make it in life if they give it their all.”

Like, any other school in the country, Okahandja Secondary School faces a severe shortage of resources in terms of supply of books and the teacher to child ratio is slightly high.

Authorities at the school believe for them to achieve better pass rates in the essential subjects of mathematics, science and English, there is need for improved parental approach.

“The biggest challenge at this school is that very few parents are involved in the moulding of the children. “You find that some parents do not even turn up for simple things like a parents meeting.”

July 2017
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