Zim artist receives death threats after failing to perform in SA

Sharon Kavhu

HARARE – Zimdancehall chanter, Soul Jah Love, whose real name is Soul Musaka, has received death and attack threats from his South African based fans after missing two consecutive shows in Durban and Pretoria last week.

The fans expressed their anger and disappointments through several videos that have gone viral on the social media platforms.

In some of the videos the fans were regretting wasting their time and money on the Zimdancehall chanter.

“We came from faraway places to attend Soul Jah Love’s show.  We even borrowed some money to purchase air tickets for our flights from different locations just to attend his shows in Durban.

“People took off days in their respective jobs shows just to attend the so called Chibaba’s show and he does this to us? He is such a foolish boy.  We do not want to ever hear that he wants to perform here in SA because we will attack him for our time lost,” said several angry Zimdancehall fans in a video.

In a separate clip, others were saying:

“What Soul Jah Love did is merely taking us for fools, he has no respect for his fans at all. What type of a person is he??? He must just stop drug abuse and value important things in his musical career if he wants to remain on the limelight.  It is so unprofessional to take us for granted.”

Bright Chiyamuro, also known as Chizybanks, who was behind Soul Jah Love’s Durban show, said they have rectified the matter and Soul Jah Love will perform this month.

“Soul Jah Love told us that his passport was at the British Embassy but it was too late because people had come from different places for him.

“We had a positive talk with his management and it seems they are going to make up for their fans.”

Zimfest Entertainment added: “There was a problem with his passport.  People were just angry but, everyone likes Chibaba.

“I will update you soon because we want Jah Love to work with South African musicians,” said the Zimfest Entertainment representative.

Soul Jah Love’s manager, Benjamin Nyandoro, said: “I can confirm the incident but, the situation was beyond our control.

“The passport was at the embassy and we could not do anything about it.  However, we issued a statement to our fans and they understood our stance.

“We then decided to offer two free shows to our fans who are in Durban and Pretoria.

“On the issue of anger of the fans that resulted in filming a video, we see it se chitsvambe.

“It shows us that Soul Jah Love is on demand in and out of Zimbabwe.  We promise to make up for the fans,” he said.

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