Trump’s advisor keen on Namibia


Windhoek – United States of America’s presidential advisor on North Africa and the Sahel, Christopher Cox, says he is very keen on Namibia and he is looking forward to bringing a business delegation from USA and China with the aim of starting manufacturing businesses in the country.

Cox who took time off from his busy European Union tour, flew in Namibia today and met with President Hage Geingob an hour ago.

After the meeting Cox told the media that he always had an interest in Namibia because the country is very peaceful, has very good political system and a place that is really good for economic development.

“Why I am here is because I want to bring US investors to Namibia and investors from around the world to take an advantage of this land of opportunities. I want to work with the Chinese government to lure Chinese businesses to bring factories to Africa and particularly to Namibia. I can feel good talking about a place like Namibia. The political system works so very well here. That’s why I am interested particularly in Namibia,” he said.

Asked how he will work with China if the USA is not particularly happy with the fact that China has visible footprints on the continent, Cox said “This is me as a private citizen, I am here as a private citizen of the USA. The president does not know that I am here but I think the important thing is we work together because the people who are going to need jobs will be in Africa. So as the world community we need to work together to bring those jobs to Africa and Namibia to be specific. I think that would ultimately benefit the world.”

He said China is keen to work with America because Namibia is located at the west coast of Africa and this will result in faster shipping to America then China.

He said bringing manufacturing companies to Africa means that they will create a market to export these goods to the rest of the world.

“My goal is to bring a delegation from the USA and China next year. I am particularly interested in the areas of manufacturing, agriculture and also energy.”

A recent report stated that there will be 450 million sub Saharan Africans who are going to enter the workforce in over the next 20 years.

Cox said as this demographic bulge occurs here in Africa other populations around New York, Japan and China are going to fall off from the demographic cliff. He said because of this there is a need to be moving and growing economic growth in Africa to create jobs for those 450 million people or else they will be left without hope.

Cox then said President Geingob was very happy and very excited that “I have an interest in Namibia and the fact that we could be potentially bringing jobs and take advantage of the political system here.”

Cox is expected to fly to London tomorrow.

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