Do not bribe us, SA minister warns ICT companies

By Southern Times Writer

DURBAN – South African Communications Minister Ayanda Dlodlo has called on the SADC region to ensure its citizenry is the ultimate beneficiary of information and communication technology and that services providers should stop bribing politicians and regulators.

Dlodlo made the remarks before making her keynote address at the opening of the SADC ICT ministers meeting here. She called on all role players to do their part and ensure that the people of SADC benefit from improved, accessible and affordable ICT service delivery.

She called on regional ICT regulators not to be the stumbling blocks to the delivery of technology services to the people.

“Operators should not bribe us,” she said, calling on service providers to stop bribing officials from government and the regulators. She called on them to stop making bribing as part of their marketing budgets.

Dlodlo called on ICT operators to respect the laws in the countries they operate in and treat regulators in the developing countries the same way they treat regulators in developed countries.

She also called on politicians and policy makers to make policies aimed at the people and not business.

“Our policies should ensure that our people have the best services and access to high speed internet,” she said, adding that only though such services can the inequality gap on the continent be bridged.

September 2017
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