Botswana mum after Mugabe jibe on Khama

Oct 03, 2017


Bakang Mhaladi

GABORONE – President Robert Mugabe took a jab at President Ian Khama in
Pretoria on Tuesday, again accusing him of failing Botswana’s Africa
Union chairperson candidate, Pelonomi-Venson-Moitoi, during last year’s
However, Botswana’s government spokesperson, Jeff Ramsey refused to
comment on President Mugabe’s utterances.
Speaking at a meeting with his South African counterpart, Jacob Zuma,
Mugabe said everyone in the region had tried to support Venson-Moitoi,
except Khama.
“We worked hard, they worked hard, sweated. They sweated, you sweated,
we sweated, but one man did not sweat. He sat at home and expected
miracles to happen, but that did not happen. Everybody just said you
(Venson-Moitoi), we have not seen your President here, he does not
attend meetings. What will happen if we placed the organization (AU)
in his hands. She had worked hard and we were sorry that she lost. But
we knew in advance that we were trying the impossible one,” Mugabe
said, drawing laughter from both the Zimbabwe and South African
delegation attending a binational commission, aimed at strengthening
trade relations between the two neighbors.
Ramsey refused to comment on Mugabe’s remarks.
“I have no comment,” Ramsey told a local publication.
Mugabe and Khama have clashed previously, with the Botswana President
calling on his counterpart to step down last year.
Mugabe hit back, and accused Khama of failing Venson-Moitoi
immediately after the AU elections, won by Chad’s Moussa Faki.
The two have also shared lighter moments, particularly at SADC
meetings, with Mugabe reminding Khama that he was a close friend to
his father, Botswana’s first president, the late Sir Seretse Khama.

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  1. President looks so sick and he has so many problems in his country, but he is so busy to point finger first to old President Mandela who was so loved in the whole world and now to th President of Botswana,why can be leave them alone and save his country to get all his people back.

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