Cubans mark culture day, with calls for lifting of economic blockade

By Anastasia Paulus

Windhoek – The month of October holds a special place in the history of the Cuba. Two of the country’s most important anniversaries fall on the 10th month. These are the October 18, which is remembered as the beginning of Cuban war for independence and October 20, which is celebrated as the national culture day.   

According to the history of Cuba, on October 18, 1868 – the Cuban liberation army captured the town of Mayamo and two days after on October 20, the Spanish authorities surrendered.

And it was on the same day, the Cuban national anthem La Bayamesa (song of Bayamo) was first chanted by the jubilant citizens in the streets of Bayamo for the first time, which today is remembered ach year as the Cuban Culture Day.

Since august 22, 1980, when the day was decreed as the day was declared as a national day, Cubans at home and abroad remember the historic day with music concerts, theatres performances and art exhibitions, screening films and folklore.

In Namibia, the Cuban Embassy commemorated the day , at the embassy with different activities including a game of domino – Cuba’s most important past-time activity. It was used to mark 40th anniversary of the strong relationship between Namibian and Cuban.

Apart from Cuban nationals in the country, the event was also attended by many Namibians who went to school and studied in Cuba including Tommy Nambahu, the Deputy Minister of Environment and Tourism.

In the meantime, Cuban ambassador to Namibian, Giraldo Mazola Collazo used the occasion to call for a complete lifting of economic sanctions on Cuba by the United States. Ambassador Collazo said that by keeping constant pressure on the United States government is the only way to have the economic embargo permanently lifted.

“It is not only a problem between Cuba and the United States. It is extended all over the world. The policy of sanctions will never bring peace in the world,” said in interview with the NBC TV.

He said his country will continue to press the United Nations General Assembly for the lifting of sanctions.

“Now we are facing a very peculiar situation because the new President of United States (Donald Trump) was calling to reinforce that blockage against the will of the whole international community”.

On the other hand, Ambassador Collazo thanked the Namibian Government specially President Hage Geingob for openly calling for an end to economic sanctions against Cuba at the African Union and United Nations.

“Namibia in several times has presented resolutions to reject and ask for the complete lifting of the blockaded,” the diplomat said.

October 2017
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