Frelimo’s priority must be peace, says Nyusi

Nampula  – Mozambican President Filipe Nyusi, in his capacity as President of the ruling Frelimo Party, on Friday stressed that Frelimo must take as its priority the securing of a lasting peace.

He was speaking in the northern city of Nampula at the opening session of a training seminar for members of the Frelimo Central Committee elected last month at the party’s 11th Congress.

Nyusi said the party also faces a difficult problem of establishing well-being in a society of social justice and in a democratic state ruled by law.

“We are aware that this process requires much care, and great courage and firmness with each step we take,” he stressed. “We are aware of the difficulties that await us, but we know how to transform obstacles into opportunities, and are not afraid to accept our responsibilities”.

Nyusi told the participants that they should leave the seminar aware of their individual missions, since he did not want to see a “cosmetic” Central Committee that was always waiting for guidance from other bodies.

He said the Congress had chosen the current composition of the Central Committee in the expectation that it will be very creative and inspiring, flexible, innovative, competent and capable of presenting a competitive product in the marketplace of national politics.

“I am confident of our victory because from this seminar Frelimo should be capable of going back and seeking strength from the people in order to lead the internal reforms of the party and of the state that we lead,” he said.

He said he had come to Nampula “to prepare members of the Central Committee so that they become the most exemplary and dedicated members of their Party branches and of society in general”.

He listed questions to which he hoped the participants would find answers during the seminar: “First, what are the expectations of Mozambicans? Second, how can we guarantee the interests of the people? Third, what reforms should we introduce in the party? And fourth, what reforms should be introduced in the state or in the government?”

He stressed that these proposals will not be dictated to the Mozambican government, but channeled to it as the thinking of the party.

Nyusi also recommended to the participants that they should identify tasks for each member of the Central Committee in the intervals between Committee meetings, and how to guarantee that they are carried out.

Reflecting on the discussions at the Congress, he said that the delegates had identified as one of the greatest of today’s challenges knowing how to live in a democracy, which implies possessing a capacity to compete for power.

A further challenge, he added, is the fight against corruption, which is the most urgent and vital of all challenges, recalling that one of the main secrets of Frelimo’s success is the defence of national interests above the interests of groups. – AIM.

November 2017
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