Zim’s Gary Tight speaks on his semi-nude dancer

Sharon Kavhu

Harare-Zimbabwean contemporary musician Gary Tight popularly known as Gary has justified his act of using a semi-nude female dancer on stage saying that it was merely an art used to spice up his performance on stage.

Gary has been criticised for performing with the dancer who was among his other dancers who were decently dressed during the recent Tarrus Riley (Jamaica) show at the Harare International Conference Centre, in Zimbabwe.

The dancer who was only identified as Tasha seemed to be obsessed with sexually suggestive dances which appeared to be inappropriate and disgusting to some of Gary’s fans on social media.

In an interview, Gary told The Southern Times Newspaper that the whole idea of bringing such dancers was to entice his audience and he is glad it worked.

“Bringing modern dancers including Tasha on stage was a way of spicing up my act on stage and I am sure the younger age group mostly below 23 enjoyed her act,” said Gary.

“People reacted differently and I understand their criticism. For me to be where I am today it is because of such criticism. Critics make me better and stronger.

“The dancers were amazing but, maybe the ladies who were wearing bum shorts should dress more decently and reduce their twerking. I have put into consideration all the responses from my fans on social media and I am trying my best to use them in improving my acts.”

While some people were insinuating that Gary’s father is probably disappointed in his performance during the Tarrus Riley show, Gary said his father does not interfere with his music business.

“My father has his own type of music but, he appreciates and supports my musical career.  However, he does not interfere in my business with my musical manager and crew,” said Gary.

Gary’s controversial dancer, Tasha was wearing a pair of white bum shorts which was exposing half of her behind and partially covering the essentials while other dancers were dressed in skinny jeans and trendy tops.

Wearing the bum shorts with a crop top that exposed her stomach, the female dancer was the most noticeable. She even stole Gary’s lime light with her sexually explicit stances which draw people’s attention.

A day after the show, Gary officially introduced the dancer as Tasha on his Facebook Page and several critics across the region were made through comments on the post.

People blasted him, accused him of losing his immorality and tarnishing his own image.

“Wrong turn in your career. Zvadhakwa ukaona wakuenda neroute iyi (you have lost track by taking this route). Learn from your elders like your father Willom Tight, Oliver Mtukudzi and even younger guys like Alexio Kawara. We still love all those artists, but, they never used semi-nude female dancers who do sexually suggestive moves on stage. Using such dancers is not a way of increasing funs, instead, it actually chase them away,” reads one of the posts from Moyo Thabani Audrey.

Some people were even asking him if his account had been hijack because the posts was so unlike him.

Others said they have lost respect for Willom Tight’s son, saying that he should have followed his father’s footsteps in the music career.

On the other hand, there are only a few who have been inquiring about the Tasha dancer and even asking if they could come for rehearsal.

Meanwhile, Gary has been signed as the New Look Alive fashion’s brand ambassador.


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