‘Broke’ Cassper looking to sell cars to help finance

Nov 09, 2017

South Africa-As rapper Cassper Nyovest scrambles to try find sponsors for his Fill Up FNB Stadium concert next month, he has revealed that he is “broke as hell” and looking to sell his cars to try help finance the show.

Speaking to Metro FM’s Masechaba Ndlovu on Wednesday, Cassper said the show would cost him R15 million to put together and claimed two of his staff members had yet to be paid because of his financial struggles.

“I’m broke as hell. I almost sold my cars. I am flat broke. I have two employees that haven’t been paid this month. This is the first time since (Fill Up) The Dome that I don’t have money, I am in debt,” he said.

He claimed that his financial situation had led him to looking for someone to buy his luxury cars, and he was not scared of “losing everything”.

“I was about to sell my cars. And this dude that was going to buy my cars, something happened in his family so he couldn’t buy the cars. So, I’m looking for someone to buy my cars. I am all the way in because for me it is not about making money. It’s about inspiring people and going all in. I don’t mind losing everything,” he said.

Cassper told TshisaLIVE in September that he would not compromise on the show and it would continue as planned, even if he could not find funding.

“Last year we did something incredible. The year before we created a stage that was amazing and ended up being spoken about around the world. The show will be all about Africa, because we want to show off what this continent can do, but with insane technology and production.

“When we talk about historical concerts, we always talk about America and American artists. We don’t want that anymore, that is why I didn’t invite an American artist to join the show. When we do this it will go down as the biggest hip-hop concert in the world. That is the power of the African dream and I am ready to make it a reality,” he said.-Times Live


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  1. That’s the very game of being praised to be this and that whereas you are poor inner souls instincts destroying and that’s the very people who are always displayed in our faces and minds as being role models.sis your fake lives will eventually catch up with you you savages.

  2. Ahh shame .In nature man must fall and rise.so you will rise again don’t worry.

  3. Fake media, he said he can even sell his cars if possible so he fund his own December concert since no sponsors yet on board, respect the art and stop giving false info

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