Africa Stars captain calls for opening of team’s memorabilia shop

By Jeremiah Ndjoze

Windhoek – African Stars long-serving captain, Zeriueza Pat-Nevin Uanivi, says the time is right for the club to open its long-awaited memorabilia shop, now that top-flight football has resumed.

Tipped as the club’s unconventional endeavour through which it could expand its income stream, the opening of the one-stop retailer for club collectables and replica wear was put on hold due to the squabbles among football chiefs that led to the suspension of premier league football for over a year.

While maintaining that he was not privy to information as to when the shop would open, Uanivi expressed optimism that the opening of the shop would be beneficial to the club’s coffers and it would also go a long way in boosting the fans’ morale.

“Really, I do not know when it will be open. I have no idea. But Stars have a very big support base and I’m sure they will buy anything that has a team logo [on it]. Financially, it will help the team a lot and it’s good for a team to generate its own income,” Uanivi told The Southern Times on enquiry.

He expressed hope that the delay in the operationalization of the venture will be done away with soon. “I hope the shop will be open even before end of the year,” he added.

The delay

African Stars acquired and duly branded the aforementioned shop – almost a year ago – at the B1 Peoples Mall along Independence Avenue opposite the Katutura State Hospital.

But the premises remained closed for business sparking debate among the club fans as to whether or not the procrastination in the opening of the retailer for business was linked to the soccer league’s open-ended deferment.

Club CEO Lesley Kozonguizi earlier in the year revealed that the shop remained closed due to lack of football action in the country.

He emphasized that the idea behind the creation of the shop was to provide the supporters with club memorabilia, replica jersey and anything that they can use at matches in support of the team.

Kozonguizi confirmed that the venture was intended to complement the club’s existing fundraising avenues. “We figured that the club cannot only depend on the goodwill of the supporters and gate-takings. There should be other ways to complement these efforts,” Kozonguizi has said.

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