I set myself alight because my husband was cheating

Dec 06, 2017

By  Zamokuhle Mdluli

FELICIA regrets what she did to herself.

“No man is worth it,” Felicia Mokeka (35) from Vanderbijlpark in the Vaal told Daily Sun.

In June, Felicia poured methylated spirits over herself and set herself alight. “I only survived because God wanted me to teach others through my mistakes,” she said.

“It doesn’t help to try and keep your marriage alive if it is dead. You only harm yourself.”

Felicia said she came home early one day and decided to surprise her partner by hiding behind the couch – but she was the one who got the surprise!

Her partner arrived home, speaking to his nyatsi on speaker- phone, so Felicia could hear both sides of the conversation.

The mother of two said when the nyatsi asked the partner where Felicia was, he said: “Oh, that one. I don’t know where she is and I don’t care.”

She said the things he said about her were very bad.

When he had finished talking, she got up. “He was shocked to see me there,” she said. “We had a good life before. We were a great couple. Everyone wanted to be like us.”

As she was packing her things, she saw a bottle of spirits and that is when she set herself on fire.

She said her partner put out the fire. She sustained first-degree burn wounds. She woke up in hospital two months later.

She said even the doctors were amazed that she survived.

“I am able to do everything for myself and I am grateful for that,” she said.-Daily Sun

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  1. So sorry my friend..Jesus loves YOU AND HE LL NEVER LEAVE NOR FORSAKE YOU

  2. How could you my sister cos of a man’why you didn’t go back to your parents house!

  3. Mmm my sister I think you took the wrong decision. Ask for advice before you think of taking your life. Anyway am sorry

  4. I really do feel your pain, and iam being ingenuous about it…i commiserate with you Madam’ i cannot judge you, as i do not have the moral authority to do that… Lord have Mercy..peace to you..God bless you..

  5. Eish,this was very painful, but you can’t harm yourself. Sorry, wrong action. Hope he has stopped cheating

  6. Sorry sister thats pathetic but just tune The legend song of Bob Marley and the Wailers, pimpers paradise, when one door is closed dont you know that many more were opened.

    • Why ddnt she set him on fire?😠 why damage urself n ruin any chance of meeting some1 who deserves u,she stupid👌✌

  7. So who is suffering nw?😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 ur stupid decision made yu to endure the pain more😝

  8. Congrads now he will cheat more, ava ne reason now coz mukadzi wake haasisina kunaka

  9. well now kill yourself cause he is divorcing you…don’t believe me?do the math…you what i’ll do it for ya…no burned body=cheating now burning body because of not thinking things through=divorce.

  10. Not okay to harm oneself on account of someone. Do not over-invest in another person, husband or not.
    You were born alone. Always keep 20% to yourself for a possibility of things like this in any relationship.
    Love, in that sense, is nothing but a fleeting state of mind.

    • Does she not have kids or her family haapo? omushamane okwali emushi peni? does she know that her husband can leave her now forever and move on with his life. us women sometimes nee. we don’t think twice.

    • I like the question of having kids or family?? Mybe oshiponga ngaa nee, let me not judge her.

  11. Scary things people do for love..that guy was never your life partner or else he wasnt gonna cheat on you.you should have waited a bit longer before you harm yourself

  12. Aaah heeeh seriously lady. Why wuld u do that to urself. Look at ur scard face and body dats terrible. U shuld hv burnt ur husband atleast

  13. Eish! that’s a very bad
    decision you took sister
    burning your self is
    not a solution,just let it
    go and move on with your
    life,he doesn’t deserve you.

  14. This is madness at its best.how can you kill yourself for someone who doesn’t respect you.

  15. Sorry ss THTS the last thing l would do to harm myself bcoz my husband is cheating, u should have just let it go and move on wt ur life now u have scars over ur beautiful face who will want to ask u out,no one.Next time dnt do tht silly mistake ,anyway l feel for u ,l cnt judge u.

  16. if you don’t love yourself who will love you ? really that is insanity for sure

  17. And keep bunning your self,coz once a cheater is owez , a cheater, you can’t buy back luv through sympathy, why ladies why taking ur own life coz of someone who doesn’t care, mark my words, u only contributed for him to cheat you more, prayers make wonders.

  18. U burnt the wrong person you fool, that’s called self-destruction.

  19. A elo hukas ge kha #uwi ha mura ai mxxxxxms….
    Reel jo lewe met dai arme seunjie wat die lewe geveg ht sies siko Xhosa e kha huka

  20. Depression one good reason why people ham themself…what a pity may the love that overcome all understanding be with us .

  21. U set you self alight due your husband is cheating you, you didn’t solve any problems you just add another problem in your life dear.

    • Now the man wil even have more reasons to cheat n I hop he doesnt file for divorce.

  22. Am I seeing a suspended or ressurrected ghost?This is foolishness at the highest level and infact the next time your husband cheats on you,pour petrol on those remaining parts so that you don’t go to hell coz you would have gone through hell already.

  23. Burning yourself because of a cheating fool? Ladies a failed marriage is not a failed life.

  24. Back to Bob Marley, now that this dr of your beauty seemes shut. Behold, invite God to your new life now! For he shall show you many other doors he already opened for you. Behold, he shall not forsake you.


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