BFA president Letshwiti torches storm after criticising predecessors

By Bakang Mhaladi 

Gaborone – Botswana Football Association (BFA) president, Maclean Letshwiti, might find himself an isolated man after he, again, tore into his predecessors over lack of progress in football.   

Letshwiti, who was voted into office in August 2016, has taken considerable time to attack his predecessors, saying they had done nothing for football.

“For the past 51 years, what have we done for football; nothing. We have got no story to tell. We have run football and played all these years but where are the results? In places I have visited, football is in a depressing state,” he said recently.

This was a second attack inside a month after uttering the same statement in Francistown early last month.

But his immediate past predecessor, Tebogo Sebego hit back saying Letshwiti was also complicit, if football was in a mess.

“He has been part of the football system the longest and, therefore, what he says directly reflects his contribution during his substantial period of his involvement in football. Leaders don’t talk like that, it’s very uncultured,” Sebego told local media.

Respected administrator, Ashford Mamelodi, a former BFA chief executive officer credited with turning around the fortunes of Botswana football, chose to stay away from the controversy.

But there was unhappiness over Letshwiti’s comment, as some officials and supporters took to social media to express their displeasure.

“Letshwiti should focus on providing solutions and stop attacking his predecessors. He should tell us what he is going to do, and not what was not done,” a supporter reacted.

Letshwiti has been under the microscope, after promising to create 5,000 jobs by the end of his tenure in 2020.

He said he will turn around football, arguing it had lost all credibility under Sebego. But Letshwiti has found the task daunting, as he has gone past the first 12 months of his four year tenure.

He recently admitted that his much vaunted development programme had hit unexpected turbulence with no proper structures at regional level.

Money has always remained the association’s biggest challenge and that has cascaded down to the teams.

Most of the teams, including big sides such as Gaborone United, are battling to pay salaries while others are even struggling to fulfil fixtures.

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