‘Kutonga Kwaro’ Fans tip ’s hit as song of the year

By Jonathan Mbiriyamveka

Harare – The dramatic events leading to the resignation of President Robert Mugabe have seen Jah Prayzah riding on a wave of popularity at as ‘Kutonga Kwaro’ became the swansong during and after the army’s operation with many of his fans, if not all, already tipping the tune as song of the year.

By this time in 2006, Zimbabwean music lovers already knew ‘Mugove’ by Leonard Karikoga Zhakata was the song of the year judging by the airplay on radio, pubs and bars as well as in the commuter omnibuses.

And fast forward to 2017, the script is the same and already fans are pointing to ‘Kutonga Kwaro’ as the song of the year.

Loosely translated, ‘Kutonga Kwaro’ means how the hero governs.

Perhaps it was sheer coincidence or pure genius on Jah Prayzah’s part but the events leading to the resignation of the 93-year-old revolutionary and the geo-political environment were on his side.

That said, the album ‘Kutonga Kwaro’ is as good as it gets.

For lack of a better words, it is an average effort unless you are already a fan of Jah Prayzah, most of the songs are pop stuff unlikely to stand the test of time.

And because of the overplay, ‘Kutonga Kwaro’ has become one of the most loved songs, thanks to the army’s intervention, the lyrics in the song have come to pass so much so that Jah Prayzah is now synonymous with the army.

Lyric-wise, ‘Kutonga Kwaro’ is a song that has a double meaning and that is what made it popular.

However, it served its purpose as a great swansong for the former president and commander-in-chief, who ruled Zimbabwe for nearly four decades. Gosh! ‘Kutonga Kwaro’ will certainly leave some indelible marks and act as a reminder of the intervention by the army in Zimbabwean geo-political landscape!

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