Ras Sheehama sizzles Warehouse  

By Timo Shihepo

Windhoek – At the age of 51, any normal human being would be signalling retirement unless their name is Ras Sheehama.

Performing at the Warehouse Theatre in Windhoek last Friday, as part of the five-year reopening anniversary, the Namibian music legend oozed confidence, energy and commitment that a 25-year-old would have been proud of.

Backed by Castro while performing his hit songs like ‘Nekwa’ and ‘City Young Girl’, Sheehama gave an electrifying performance that saw people from all walks of life dance to the songs.

“Man, you know what, it doesn’t matter if I am singing in a vernacular language or in a language that people don’t understand. You got to feel the music and let it ooze you into the grove. That’s why many people enjoy my music,” he said.

A pioneer of the Namibian music industry, Sheehama is an outstanding Afro-reggae singer and songwriter.

His lyrics show consciousness, integrity, sharp observation and humanity, while conveying both socio-political criticism as well as messages of peace, love and wisdom.

He is well known for his liberation struggle songs as well as songs that promote unity. It was for this reason that on Saturday, the crowd begged him to perform ‘Cassinga’ and ‘One Love’ even though his time on stage was up. Not wanting to let the vigorous crowd down, he duly obliged.

“Okay, you are chanting that you want more. You are certainly feeling it. I am giving you two options. It’s either ‘Cassinga’ or ‘One Love’,” he said but he ended up performing both, much to the delight of the crowd.

It was an emotional night that also led to Ras Sheehama bringing his son on stage saying the youngster gives him the will to live.

“It has been an amazing five years. We thank the artists for their support. We have seen the arts community grow and we look forward to staging world-class shows for many more years to come,” Warehouse said in a statement.

Mashura Band consisting of Slickartie, Raymond Mup and Joe also gave a good performance on the night, so did The Fate of               Miss H.

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