Suzy Eises drops debut album

By Ellen Shihepo

Windhoek – Super-talented saxophonist, who stole the show at the Windhoek Jazz Festival about a month ago, Suzy Eises has finally released her very first album.

The self-titled ‘Suzy Eises’, which came out at the end of November, is a unique blend of jazz, contemporary soul and dancehall. In the eight-track album, Suzy collaborated with South Africa’s DJ Maphorisa, who is famous for songs like ‘Soweto Baby’ and ‘Particula’.

She is locally acclaimed for her slaying skills with the saxophone, for performing at various shows, corporate functions and featuring in music videos of artistes including Gazza.

“As my first album, I self-titled it because I want people to know my name and to know who I am. My hope and desire is for every person to at least be able to connect with one or two songs, to be able to enjoy it and have fun with it, whether it’s on a road trip in the car or on a regular day. I want people to be able to enjoy what I have created for them,” she said, when asked about her expectations concerning the outcome of her debut album.

The young artist said it is too early to worry about CD sales. The album is available in stores as well as online on and iTunes.

A CD launch party is scheduled for early next year. The event is a definite item on the 2018 to do list for Suzy. Along with DJ Maphorisa, the producers of the album include well-known local music mogul, DJ Kboz, who has produced for artists like Sally ‘Boss Madam’, PDK, Exit and Blossom.

Suzy has singled out Track 2, ‘Harambee’, as her favourite. She said the song “was inspired by the President’s idea to unite everyone”.

“As you will notice, it’s a very positive song, up-beat, high energy and it is my favourite because it is purely my original creation; it’s very personal to me. I worked on every note and sound by myself. It’s African and I love African music.

“With all the other tracks, I got help, advice, guidance and assistance from my producers but not with ‘Harambee’. My second favourite is ‘Only You’, which is Track 6 on the album, I love it because I had the opportunity to collaborate with DJ Maphorisa, who I look up to so much and who has been a great joy and honour to work with,” she said.

The saxophonist has expressed great excitement over the production and release of this album and judging by her fans, it certainly will become one of the best-selling albums in the near-future countrywide.

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