I am a President for all Zimbabweans – ED

Dec 15, 2017

Harare– President Emmerson Mnangagwa
said on Friday his presidency is for all Zimbabweans and he will work
tirelessly to deliver the promise of a better future and improved
livelihoods for all.
Inaugurated at the end of November, taking over from former President
Robert Mugabe, Mnangagwa told delegates at an extra-ordinary congress
of the ruling ZANU-PF party that his appointment marked a step into
a “new era” for the country.
The congress is being held to confirm his ascendancy to the presidency
of the ruling party as its First Secretary and President, as well as
confirm his candidature for the 2018 general elections as Zanu PF’s
presidential candidate.
“My ascendancy to the helm must never be interpreted as a defeat of
one faction and installation of another. My presidency should not be
seen as a rise of a region, or a tribe or totem, no. My presidency is
about a united Zanu PF, a national party with a national outlook,”
President Mnangagwa said to applause.
“I stand before you therefore as the president of a united non-racial
Zimbabwe, itself home to many tongues, dialects, cultures, colours,
age groups. I am a president of women and men, the young and the old,
the able bodied and the physically challenged, the rich and the poor,
the well and the sick, I am an emissary of all the veterans and
heroes, dead or alive…”
He added that he would represent all tribes, cultures and races as
enshrined in the country’s Constitution.
President Mnangagwa said the party would be working on a new path that entailed
focusing more on bread and butter issues so as to remain relevant in
terms of meeting the needs of the people.
“Party work must not be in the old mode of looking at Zanu PF as being
about politics, politics and politics only. Now we must be about
politics and economics. After all, the best politics emerge from the
marketplace where livelihoods are made,” the Zanu PF First Secretary
and President said.
“We mean well. We stand as a nation of this world for its promise. We
are committed to repair broken relations desiring to build our economy
so it gives jobs to our people especially the youths and improve the
living standards of all our people.”
President Mnangagwa said the party must not remain stuck in the past, but offer
a positive and progressive vision “which tallies with the hopes and
dreams of us all.”
“We should not be a party of the past, we must be a party for the
future, a party for prosperity and a party for posterity,” he said.
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