Mozambique punishes errant traffic police officers

Maputo-The Mozambican Police is moving hundreds of officers from the traffic section across the country to the protection unit, with almost all ranks involved, in what is generally considered a demotion within the force, reports said on Wednesday.
Reports from Mozambique said the move was the first important orders of the new commander-in-chief of the Police of the Republic of Mozambique, Bernardino Rafael.
Rafael was promoted to the post in October this year, replacing Júlio dos Santos Jane who had been appointed to the post of Director General of the State Information and Security Service.
In the city of Maputo alone, approximately 60 tranfic police officers found their names printed in dispatch number 1403 from the cabinet of the general commander.
A document that a local newspaper saw called the transfers a ‘collusion of service’.
A source from the PRM General Command confirmed that the moves were taking place nationwide, adding there were two main reasons for transferring the traffic police officers, with the first being lack of a driving license.
The source explained that sometimes misinterpretation of the Highway Code deriving from lack of knowledge had engendered poor relations between the police officers and motorists.
“Some of these officers do not know how to drive, so they had difficulties interpreting the code,” the source said.
The second issue was indiscipline.
“Some traffic police officers were repeat offenders. If they continue, they can be expelled.”
Traffic Police officers passing across to the security unit include sub-inspectors, sergeants, corporals and constables.
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