Fanctionalism, ill-discipline a threat for ANC


Sharon Kavhu

Gauteng- Outgoing ANC President Jacob Zuma said his party is being negatively affected by factionalism, gatekeeping, ill-discipline and membership buying.

Delivering his political report on the first day of the ANC elective congress, Zuma said factionalism has seen ANC’s good and capable comrades leaving the party.

“In all its manifestations, factionalism has become the biggest threat to the organization. It is because of factionalism that we have seen the emergence of splinter groups over the past ten years which negatively affected our movement both quantitatively and qualitatively,” said Zuma.

“Slate politics, another manifestation of factionalism, has also cost us many good and capable comrades in whom our movement has invested significantly.”

He said ill-discipline has seen some ANC members publicly challenging the authority of the organisation.

Zuma added: “There have also been worse incidents of ill-discipline where members openly side with, and work with opposition parties and other formations that are hostile to the ANC, against positions adopted by the movement.”

However, the ANC outgoing president said there should be consequences for any member who acts and speaks contrary to the values, principles and political programme of the ANC.

Zuma also highlighted that the ANC people are not happy with the state of the organisation as indicated by the outcome of the local government elections of 2016 where there was a serious decline. He said during the 2016 elections, a substantial number of traditional ANC voters stayed away from the polls.

“We lost three key Metropolitan municipalities – Tshwane, Johannesburg and Nelson Mandela while we run other through coalitions such as Ekurhuleni and Rustenburg,” said Zuma.

“In addition to the internal issues, our research also indicated the issues that our people are concerned with issues such as corruption, crime and unemployment.

“It is clear that our failure to confront problems head on and solve them had begun to take their toll on the movement.

“Previous national conferences identified the negative tendencies that we need to attend to effectively, and these still exist in the movement, undermining its standing in society.”

December 2017
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