Botswana shuts down Bushiri church

Jan 11, 2018

The government has cancelled the registration of Enlightened Christian Gathering Church International of the flamboyant controversial Malawian pastor Shepherd Bushiri.

In the letter of cancellation, the Register of Societies said they had written a notice to the church in November 10, 2017 in which it was required to show reasons why it should not be cancelled.

A month later the Register of Societies shut down the church with a letter dated December 10, 2017.

The letter says the cancellation was on grounds that, “your society has not responded to the notice of the 10th November 2017, in which it was required to show reasons why it should not be cancelled.”

The story of the cancellation was only broken by The Gazette newspaper this week after the 28 days of leave to appeal had already elapsed.

The church has been having an unfriendly relationship with the government for a long period.

In May last year Bushiri was slapped with a visa requirement that led to his failure to come for his major church service at the National Stadium in Gaborone.

Malawian passport holders are not required visa to enter Botswana. – Mmegi.

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  1. Botswana has role of law that respects God hence Bushiri started well but now money rules him not the Holy Spirit any more and thats a fact……

  2. Thank God !! I hope the African government do the same to all this Fake prophets

  3. The Secretary General of ECG – Botswana, Pastor Pelotshweu Baeng, put it very succintly this morning on Duma FM.

    1. Major 1 does not recieve any money from his church as payment for pastoring over it. Not that he is not entitled to assistance from his church members, but simply that he decided on establishing businesses for himself and his family, including mines, airline, cellphone company, etc and he encourages all his pastors and members to go into business.
    2. That if meneelo ene e humisa, dikereke mo Botswana di kabo di humile, coz ga gona kereke e go sa ntshiweng moneelo.
    3. Societies and churches in Botswana have the same challenges of non-compliance with the Registrar’s requirements and several have been written same letters as ECG, but of all these churches and socieies, people isolate ECG for mutilation.
    3. ETC

    Thank you Pastor Baeng.,

    • Owaii, how much do you pay to see him? People get loans to see him because he requires a lot of money as consultation fees. Dont misled people. How did he establish all those businesses, where did he work before or how did he get capital to start these businesses?

    • Pastor Baeng was gago o bua bohema,golo ko ECG kwa mo le go ntshang ga se moneelo ke di loan,where have u seen moneelo wa 10 million,madi a le a ntshang kwa betsho a mantsi

  4. Miracle will happen the holy ghost will force the Botswana government they will open themselves kkkkkkkkkkkk don’t joke with the work of God

  5. This has been long overdue . That hidden agenda has been exposed. the Bible tells us that darkness shall be exposed

  6. 😂lol..this is a testimony . M1 the Lord is ur protector and ur defender. Luke 10:19 the Lord say, listen ! I have given you authority,so that you can walk on snakes and scorpions and overcome all the power of the ENEMY, and nothing wil hurt you. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂GOD is power

    • Jacob Zuma, JZ-783 has given this guy a 17ha plot to built his church on, while the poorest of the poor are still waiting for a mere 250sqm erf to built a kaija on…

  7. Opened this post to read the bushiri fans comments….i gada say…am disappointed..i only see one


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