The art of stick on nail make-up

By Sharon Kavhu

Harare – A male friend of mine once told me that a woman’s social class is determined by the appearance of both her finger and toe nails.

Let’s just stop there, for a minute, and analyse this statement!

Now with all the news that is going on around the world about men objectifying women and the Hollywood stories of Harvey Weinstein, comedian Louis CK and Bill Cosby allegedly raping women, my initial reaction was ignore him and come up with my own assertions.

As a side note, if any of the aforementioned names or cases don’t ring a bell then i suggest you follow the saying and “read a book”.

Back to the subject at hand, I decided to ignore the feminist in me and listened.

According to him, nails can give a hint of a lady’s character. If the nails are neat, chances are that she is also an organised person but if they are otherwise, it tells a different story.

He did make sense, I have to admit!

Nail make-up or manicure complements a woman’s grooming just as much as the hair style and facial make-up do.

If I am to be totally honest, women make similar assertions about men based on their shoes, how neatly combed their hair is and their general appearance.

For me, scruffy is a total turn off.

Similar to fashion, the art of nail make-up is also dynamic in our SADC region.

The ideas of manicure are influenced by trendy clothes, hairstyle and fabric designs.

Traditionally people used to view ‘stick on nails’ as outdated whereas French tips, coloured tips, pales, natural nails and claws were the fancy ones.

Today, manicure artistes are accessorising ‘stick on nails’ with stones, crystals, stuards, ribbons and glitters in a magnificent way.

Stick on nails come in all shapes and sizes and can be coordinated with stilettos, coffins, oval, squaoval, square, round, almond, stiletto, edge, ballerina and lipstick.

Fadzai Chinyamakobvu, a Zimbabwean manicurist from Mummy’s hair saloon, said many women are loving the glitter and stones on colourful stick on nails.

“My clients are more interested in the oval, coffins and stiletto shapes on the stick on nails designed with glitter and stones.

“Such designs go well with long nails and on slim fingers,” said Chinyamakobvu.

“Royal blue, mustered,nude, pink and red are some of the most wanted bright colours on these designs.

“The bright colours can be mixed with glitter only on the middle finger or glitter blended with a different colour. Such colourful shades can come out nice on both dark and light fingers depending on the designs and art.

“The stones can be placed on all the fingers or on only two. However, having the stones on all fingers maybe too loud and may not look executive.”

She said ladies with thick fingers should wear stick on nails with a square, round or oval shape.

According to Chinyamakobvu, the shapes can be neatly accessorised with stuards, glitter and ribbons.

In a separate interview, Sisipho Mwanza, a Zambian nail artist, said women in her country have a sense of fashion that is inspired by American celebrities.

“Women here love experimenting when it comes to fashion, nails and hairstyles. So there is no formula for dark or light hands when it comes to nail make up. Therefore, I also experiment and come up with ultimate designs. As long as the person has confident in the nails then I am happy.

“They say dark fingers should have bright colours but, I can do stick on nails with dull colours that can suit them. I can even put complicated designs on those dark nails with glitter, ribbons and stones but, they still come out beautiful,” said Mwanza.

“I believe fashion is dynamic and there is no fixed policy or method in the art of manicure. It is possible to initiate your own art for stick on nails like what I do as long as it is neat and suitable for an event or occasion.

“Most of my clients are obsessed with pop colours such as blue, red, black and purple, and I try my best to incorporate these colours on all nail beds and skin colour.”

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