Zimbabweans condemn former Minister Moyo

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Harare – Zimbabweans have roundly condemned comments by former Minister of Higher and Tertiary Education Jonathan Moyo aired on BBC’s Hard Talk interview on Thursday morning.

Most Zimbabweans reacted with derision Moyo’s attempt to paint a picture of a rogue regime in Zimbabwe saying the former minister was out of touch with the reality prevailing in the country.

In the BBC Hard Talk interview, Moyo alleged that President Mnangagwa usurped power from President Mugabe with the help of the military and that most Zimbabweans were against the new government.

He said the new government is an “illegal regime, one that comes into power against the constitution, in violation of the constitution.”

However, Zimbabweans dismissed his comments as the rantings of a discredited politician wanted by police to face several criminal charges.

On the micro-blogging site Twittter, one mmatigari@matigary shot back at Moyo saying: “This charlatan pretends to be smart, but he is really just another idiot, a talkative idiot for that matter.”

Another Zimbabwean called AfricanChild@bryn49 replied to matigari saying, “I felt so embarrassed as a Zimbo watching his interview on BBC. He kept on mumbling, couldn’t answer questions just throwing accusations, he can’t admit the smartest coup ever in history of the world and he is jealous that he is not part of it.”

UK based editor of an online publication, Newzimabwe.com, Gilbert Nyambabvu, also wrote on his Twitter handle urging the G40 cabal, of which Moyo was alleged to be its architect, to have better ideas than sticking with Mugabe and Grace.

“They need to decouple from that redundant twosome. I don’t know who is telling Moyo and company that Zimbabweans are demanding Mugabe back after 37 years. It’s nearly delusional,” Nyambabvu said.

Indeed, in the BBC interview, Moyo constantly dogged questions especially the ones concerning his whereabouts and his next plan of action.

Moyo’s whereabouts have remained a subject of conjecture since he together with former Minister of Local Government, Rural Development and National Housing Saviour Kasukuwere fled the country following the resignation of President Mugabe November 21.

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