President Mnangagwa address traditional leaders

Lovemore Ranga Mataire in Gweru
President Mnangagwa today addressed traditional leaders in Gweru to brief them about the new dispensation and also to get a better appreciation of their concerns.
President Mnangagwa said he felt it was critical to call for an indaba with traditional chief as they were the real custodians of the country in theirdifferent domains.
He said he was aware thattraditional chiefs had met then President Mugabe in Bulawayo last year where he a number of issues were raised including the issue of remuneration
He said the major grievances discussed at the Bulawayo meeting was the issue of vehicles to enhance mobility of traditional leaders.

President Mnangagwa assured the chiefs that most of the issues that were raises at the Bulawayo meeting will be addressed by the new government.
He said a lot of intervening developments had affected the redressingvof the chief’s grievances.
Mnangagwa said the government has so far managed to secure 52 vehicles suitable for rough terrain.
The said other vehicles will be coming in batches and 48 were distributed while others will be distributed as and when they are procured.
At least 280 traditional leaders are attending the meeting with President Mnangagwa.
Two vice presidents Rtrd General Constantino Chiwenga and Kembo Mogadi including the Minister of Local Government July Moyo attended the meeting.

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